Saturday, 16 February 2019

Choosing the right children's wall clock.

Choosing the right clock.

When it comes to purchasing a wall clock, you really need to look at the bigger picture and not just purchase the first convenient wall clock you come across.  As such, you need to consider choosing a wall clock that is a) age appropriate i.e. kids clock/ teen clock/ adult clock and b) theme appropriate, by choosing a wall clock that matches the theme of their bedroom. This could include their favourite interests and hobbies, such as football,  princesses, cars, dinosaurs, fairies, pirates, skateboarding etc.  The list could be endless. 

Football Wall Clock

Clock face design wall clocks.
Children often prefer wall clocks that feature their favourite images on the clock face. These wall clocks allow children to have their favourite bands, football teams, actors, singers etc on their walls. It's important to try and match the theme, as a girls pink bedroom wall full of princess posters, and a motorbike wall clock would look completely out of place. 

                                            Sheep Wall Clock

With the vast amount of children's wall clocks now available, you should be able to find an amazing clock that will stand proudly on your child's bedroom wall.

At 4mywall we enjoy producing fun and exciting wall clocks aimed at children, which provides them with something a little different, and allows them to stamp their own mark on their bedroom walls.  

Below is a sample of children's wall clocks from 4mywall.

Skull Wall Clock

                                     I Love My Dog Wall Clock

 Skater Wall Clock

                                                   Cuddling Bears Wall Clock

England Football Wall Clock

Teddy Bear Wall Clock

Feel free to come and visit us,  and check out our full range of fun and exciting childrens wall clocks at 4mywall.