Wednesday 14 February 2024

Valentines Day Wall Decor.

Valentines Day has always been a special and romantic time of the year. A day that's often used to surprise a crush or partner with a sweet Valentines card. Such cards can sometimes be accompanied with small gifts, from chocolates, flowers, teddy bears etc.  Its often regarded as a sweet way of showing love and affection and making someone feel special on Valentines day.  However, regardless of the value of such gifts, its always the thought that counts. 

Below we have shared a selection of beautiful wall decor items that captures the theme of Valentines Day.   


Cute Sheep Wall Clock

   I Need You Teddy Wall Clock     

                       Teddy Bear Wall Clock                        

Graffiti Heart Wall Art                                                         

Kissing Couple Wall Art

 Kissing Couple Wall Art

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Tuesday 2 January 2024

Introduction to 4Mywall

Hello! Welcome to the wonderful world of 4Mywall.  We are a unique business selling children's decor with a twist, in that we only sell items that liven up your walls.  

Our unique brand is predominantly aimed at the children's market, whereby we provide an exciting range of children's wall decor for kids and teens. These items include children's wall clocks, children's wall art, framed posters etc with many more categories to be added. (We do acknowledge that many of our children's decor items may still appeal to many different age groups, which we welcome).

Today, more than ever before, we are seeing more children taking much more pride in their rooms.  No longer just a room covered from head to toe in wall posters held up by blu tack or sellotape, but a place in which they can relax and unwind.  We are now seeing many children stamping their own vision and personality onto their bedroom walls, by adding additional items such as wall art, canvas prints, wall decals, wall stickers, banners etc.​
At 4Mywall our motto is “Liven up your walls."  We therefore aim to provide you with an exciting range of children's decor to compliment your great ideas for your bedroom walls.  We will continually try our best to provide you with both popular and unique items, something a little different from our competitors, and something we hope will take pride of place on your wall. 

Check out our full range of children's wall decor at 4Mywall.