Saturday, 30 December 2017

Formula 1 Wall Art - Teen Room Decor

Formula 1 Blueprint Wall Art £19.99 A3 Size.

Formula 1 has often been seen as the pinnacle of motorsport, which includes many iconic teams such as Mercedes, Ferrari, Red bull, Williams etc with many young drivers aspiring to become the next Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel.
(Both 4 times Formula 1 World Champions)

Formula 1 Flames Wall Art £19.99 A3 Size.

Many drivers often trive on the thrill of puttng the pedal to the metal, the adrenaline, the overtaking, the triumph and jubilation, the podium, the National anthem and the spraying of champaigne.

Formula 1 Close-up Wall Art £19.99 A3 Size.

The 2017 season saw 10 teams on the Formula 1 grip, with some teams and drivers being more popular than others. Today some of the most popular drivers includes the likes of Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo.

Formula 1 Greyscale Wall Art £19.99 A3 Size.

Not only do certain teams and drivers boast a larger fanbase, the same can be said for Formula 1 circuits. Some of the most popular circuits amongst drivers and fans include Spa in Belgium, Silverstone in England, Monza in Italy and Circuit de Monaco in Monaco.

Formula 1 Red Car Wall Art £19.99 A3 Size

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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Halloween Horror Wall Clocks

Halloween has always been a special time of the year, filled with both excitement and fear. The highlight being trick or treating, with endless chocolates, sweets and candy.  As well as seeing children in amazing spooky costumes, such as vampires, ghosts, mummies, witches and being little monsters for the day. 

The Halloween festive period has always turned the 4mywall team into big kids, and this year is no exception.  With this in mind we have introduced a few fun Halloween horror wall clocks, which we believe will look great on your wall.

Top 3 Halloween Horror wall clocks

To mark Halloween we have introduced our top 3 scary wall clocks. So let the horror countdown begin.

3. Cheeky Devil Wall Clock - £14.99


2. Skull Wall Clock - £14.99


1. Horror Wall Clock - £14.99

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Monday, 2 October 2017

The resurgence of Marvel

I have been a fan of Marvel as far back as I can remember.  However, unlike most fans of Marvel I didn't discover it though comics. In fact I can honestly say that I have only ever read four or five comics. With this being the case, I guess you are wondering ‘how did I become a fan of Marvel?’. And the answer, as strange as it may sound, was Saturday morning cartoons.


I still remember the childhood thrill of waking up early to watch great shows like 'Spider-man', ‘X-Men’, ‘Fantastic 4’, ‘The Incredible Hulk’ and ‘Iron Man: The Animated Series’. What attracted me to these shows was that while they still had action and super heroes, that wasn't the sole focus. They focused on the problems these powers brought into their lives, and the complications that arose whilst living with them.  This was something that was never addressed in other shows that I was watching.  

Captain America

As time went on; I found myself moving away from cartoons, to computer games and movies. Marvel was not something I found myself thinking about until the release of the first ‘X-Men’ movie. I remember thinking at the time how amazing it looked even if the plot was… well lets not talk about that. This film started a resurgence in superhero movies after the initial surge created by Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ in 1989… and the fall caused in part by ‘Batman & Robin’, a film that was disliked by fans and critics alike.


The following years saw a stream of films based on Marvel characters - such as ‘Spider-man’, ‘Fantastic Four’,’Hulk’ and a collection of sequels. What wasn’t well known at the time was while these films included Marvel characters, they were made without any control from Marvel themselves. As a result of deals made when Marvel was in financial strife.


That all changed in 2008 with the release of ‘Iron Man’, a Marvel film finally made by Marvel. This was made possible by the founding of Marvel Studios. Marvel use the rise of superhero movies, many of which included their own characters, to launch themselves onto the cinematic stage with characters they still had the movie rights too.

Iron Man

What made this moment so monumental to me was that these films were so much more like the cartoons I loved as a child. The characterization was better handled, the plots followed the stories I remembered and were in most cases better written. This could be best seen when comparing Universal Pictures ‘Hulk’ to Marvel’s ‘The Incredible Hulk’, which had vastly different takes on the character.


On the back of this success Marvel planned one of the biggest gambles in cinematic history: The Marvel Cinematic Universe. Commonly known as the MCU.

The MCU was a plan to bring the linking characters and stories of the comic worlds into their cinematic universe. This was amazing because now not only did each film have a well thought out and structured plot, but built on and expanded an overarching story.

This lead to what has now become one of my favourite movies of all time, ‘The Avengers’.
The Avengers’ saw Marvel take it to the next level. All the main characters from their previous MCU films coming together to defend the earth from invasion, and yes it was as amazing as it sounded when the news first broke.

The Avengers

So now after being on the brink of bankruptcy Marvel find themselves as one of the leading forces in films. And it looks like they are sure of their future as they have released the title and release dates of all the films remaining in the expansive overarching story they have created, and I for one am really looking forward to seeing them.

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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Teen Clocks

Choosing the right wall clock.

When it comes to purchasing a wall clock, you really need to look at the bigger picture and not just purchase the first convenient wall clock you come across.  As such, you really need to consider choosing a wall clock that is a) age appropriate i.e. kids clock/ teen clock/ adult clock and b) theme appropriate, by choosing a wall clock that matches the theme of their bedroom (which could include their favourite interests and hobbies). Overall, these interests and hobbies for the clock could include football/soccer, motor racing, princesses, dinosaurs, animals, skateboarding etc.  The list could easily be endless. 

Clock face design wall clocks.
Many teens often prefer designed wall clocks, which feature their favourite images on the clock face.  These wall clocks allow teens to express their favourite bands, sports teams, actors, singers etc on their bedroom walls. This allows them to match their clock theme to their existing bedroom posters, photos, banners etc. Its important to try and match the theme, as a girls pink bedroom with posters of princesses, that had a motor bike wall clock would look completely out of place. 

With the vast amount of designed wall clocks now available, you will be able to find an amazing clock that will stand proudly on your bedroom wall.







At 4mywall we enjoy producing fun and exciting wall clocks aimed at teens, which provides them with something a little different, and allows them to stamp their own mark and identity on their own bedroom walls.

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Star Wars Room Decor For Kids and Teens

With Star Wars day now upon us. May the 4th has become the most iconic day within the Star Wars calendar. May the 4th be with you (its full title), has become a day to worship all things Star Wars.
An imaginative idea first brought to the big screen by its creator George Lucas, has now transcended the Star Wars brand into a multi billion dollar industry, with Disney purchasing Lucasfilm for a reported $4.05bn (£2.5bn) in 2012.

Over the years many iconic characters have emerged from the Star Wars franchise, such as Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO, Yoda etc.  However, the darkest character (pardon the pun), has got to be Darth Vader.  This iconic villain, who was introduced in the first Star Wars movie, was an imposing character standing well over 6ft, draped in black curtains, with a severe nasal problem, and was petrifying and intimidating when dealing with both his enemies and colleagues. (Not the ideal traits for a senior manager in today's workplace).  

Darth Vader Framed Poster (43 x 53 cm) - £23.99

Product Link

In contrast Yoda was a legendary Jedi master, being among the oldest and most powerful. Standing a mere 2 ft tall, Yoda served as the last Grand Master of the Jedi Order.  And despite his small stature, this popular character has become an important figure in the Star Wars saga since his introduction in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back, were he guided Luke Skywalker in the ways of the Force........for free. (Maybe a piggyback ride too).  

                     Yoda Framed Poster (43 x 53 cm) - £23.99

Stormtroopers were first introduced in 'A New Hope' as the foot soldiers of the Galactic Empire. Their distinctive look quickly became a hit with the films fans, and later cosplayers. Over the course of the Star Wars saga many variation of Stormtroopers have been seen, however the original white battle armour is still the most iconic look.

             Stormtroopers Framed Poster (43 x 53 cm) - £23.99

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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Welcome to the wonderful world of 4mywall.

Hello!  Welcome to the wonderful world of 4mywall. Who are 4mywall? Well, we are a very unique business in that we only sell items that go on your wall, primarily aimed at the teenage market.

Today, more than ever before, we are seeing more teenagers taking much more pride in their rooms. No longer just a room covered head to toe in wall posters held up by blu tack or sellotape, but a place in which they can relax and unwind. We are now seeing many teens stamping their own personal identity and vision to their bedroom walls, by adding additional items such as wall art, canvas prints, wall decals, wall stickers, banners etc.

Our blog is to showcase are exciting range of teen room decor, ranging from our teen wall clocks, teen wall art and posters. Whether you're a fan of Marvel/ DC Comics wall art, Disney, Pop art, F1 etc 4mywall might have something for your wall.

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